6 Best exercises for weight loss

When it comes to exercise, you can think of a list of exercises. But you will have to filter out that suits you the best.

Also in the era of fast-changing life, where people have hardly time for anything, taking out time for a full-body exercise is the biggest struggle in day to day life.

Even if you are committed to devoting some time for physical workouts you need to make sure you are doing the proper thing to reach up to your goals.

Especially for the weight loss, you need to be consistent with your promises to lose weight. To help you with that we are listing the best exercises for weight loss to help you with your daily routine and reach up to your goals.

1- Surya Namaskar

Surya namaskar itself is a full-body workout. It comprises a total of 12 yogic poses helping you to stretch out the whole body in just 5-10 minutes.

It is so powerful that you need to do anything else if you are doing it daily. It would not be wrong if we say it, a way of life. It is best for super busy people out there.

It helps you to combat your daily stress level, detoxify your body and most importantly energizes you.

If we talk of weight loss with the help of Surya namaskar, you can simply burn up to 14 calories in one round of Surya namaskar. You can follow this link for more details.

2- Cardio

Cardio is nothing but the group of physical workouts that increases you heart bit rate. It is often referred as a form of aerobic exercises.

It helps the cell of your body burn the fat intensely. You can not escape from the cardio, as you need to do it for warm-up atleast.

It consist of walking, running, jumping the rope, cycling, swimming, stair climbing etc.

3- Plank

If you want to test your stamina, this is for you. If you want to know how long it is 1 minute try this. This 1-2 minute of exercise is best for abdominal muscles.

Try to increase the time gradually to 2-3 minutes. To learn more about plank refer to this article.

4- Squats

Squats are the most simple exercises yet very effective exercises to do daily. There are many different kinds of squats starting from simple to intense workouts. Learn about the different kinds of squats here.

5- Crunches

Crunches are the most basic ones when it comes to exercises for the abdomen. If you are targeting for the six-pack, this can be the best one to start with.

Being the ideal one for beginners, it can be done while being on the bed itself without any need for equipment.

But you need to be very careful while doing this as this can offer you back and neck injuries. It is not suitable for old people also.

Here I am showing the basic crunch only. You can find other crunches like cyclic and reverse crunches also.

6- Push-ups

Push-ups have been the most favorite and quick exercise for the youths for a long time.

It hardly takes 5 minutes also to do 40-50 pushups. They are useful for building upper body strength.

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