Weight loss story: He lost 20 kg in just 3 months by running and proper nutrition support

Kamal Kant Gautam

Weighing 100kg and thinking about weight loss can be a nightmare for somebody. But by accepting the 90days challenge, with proper nutritional support and guidance, Kamal Kant was able to reduce his weight from 100 Kg to 80 Kg in just 3 months simply by running along with proper nutrition support.

During the whole journey of transformation, our nutrition expert followed his every activity very closely and the result is outstanding.

It had been almost two and a half months since we shifted here in Navi Mumbai for our first job. We had just started our corporate lives and everything was going fine.

We were just hanging around here from marine drive to taj. Apart from that, it was high time for us to make small-small goals whether it be financial or self-improvement goals and adhere to that.

I and my room-mate Kamal Kant Gautam were planning to start running from day 1, we took an apartment here in Palava city. But as it often happens, it was like making a New Year resolution that would wait for next year to come in.

We kept procrastinating until one fine morning I woke up and woke Kamal up too. I said, “Let’s go for a run”. He asked, now? I said, yes right now. And that’s how we started.

We both started running together. Somehow I left running in between but he continued. Initially, he started running 1-2km daily and gradually he increased the count.

Externally everything was fine but internally his body needed the proper nutritional support and energy level to maintain his metabolism. I introduced him to our nutritionist and scheduled an online consultation for him.

He started following the proper nutrition guidelines and increased his physical workout even more. I saw a tremendous passion for him. In just one month, he was running almost 15km per day.

One day I finally asked the reason behind such an intense desire to lose weight. His answer was something like this- “I had gone through a lot of emotional trauma. I was bullied in school and people used to mock me.

Even my family members used to say that now you will remain like this forever and would never be able to reduce your weight, but I kept ignoring them. I knew that I could do it, I just needed a push that I got here.

Even after joining the company here, when I started running, my colleagues started mocking me but I kept my spirit high.”

Kamal has not stopped yet. Now he is preparing for half-marathon (21km) and has joined the Gym also. I hope, soon we will see him running half-marathon and wish him all the best.

The perception of people about him has also changed here. Many people in Palava city, know him now that he is the guy who runs 2hours daily early morning. He is an inspiration for many people including me. I have also started running again.

If you want to lose weight up to 30kg or even beyond that take this 90days weight-loss challenge because you will need proper guidance and nutrition support.

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Why this 90days challenge?

Well, losing weight is not easy at all. I have helped a lot of people personally, and I know it. It is only because it takes time, and most of the people who want to achieve this goal, they don’t have much patience.

Some just keep procrastinating and never start. While some of them start but however they are not able to continue it for a long time, because they don’t see any result in just a few days.

Through this challenge, we provide an opportunity to reach your fitness goal. This will not be a challenge only for you but also for us to not let you fail.

Read the success story here, https://weightlosshelp.in/blog/weight-loss-story-he-lost-20-kg-in-just-3-months-by-running-and-proper-nutrition-support/ .

We will follow your day to day activities and provide all the guidance and nutrition support through proper consultation with nutrition experts.

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